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Customizing your medication for your needs

Non-sterile compounding allows a patient’s pharmacist and doctor to closely work together in order to create medication that is tailored to the patient’s needs. The customizable options available at Atoms Pharmacy are:

  • Combining One or Two Medications
  • Addition or Alteration of Flavor: Medications can be compounded to customize its flavor, making it more palatable without altering its efficacy. This is commonly done for children or animals who do not like the taste of medicines.
  • Custom-made strength or dosage: Most medications come with a set range of doses. Altering a medication’s strength or dosage can allow a patient to receive the right amount he or she needs.
  • Removing unwanted ingredients: Some patients are allergic to certain inactive ingredients. That is why compounding is offered to reformulate these medications for the patient’s safety.

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